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Innopolis is a place for your ideas
Together 7000 people are making the world a better place!
The city is designed to fulfill your dreams
More than 340 companies are residents of the Innopolis SEZ
Tax benefits and services for IT companies
52 urban business outlets
Here we have space at favorable rents for people looking to run an urban business
Special economic zone for IT companies, start-ups and venture funds
We create conditions for rapid and effective development of IT companies: we provide benefits, help find employees and investors
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I would like to find out the opening hours of some venues

The list of all establishments can be found in the organizations and services section. Select the category "cafés and restaurants" and see the list of all places to eat. There you will also find the opening hours

How to contact Lost and Found service?

We have a chat where residents post everything they’ve found around the city. Alsom you may ask our colleagues from the concierge-service

How to use the self-driving taxi?

Type down the ‘unmanned vehicle' to the concierge-service bot. You’ll be provided with a guide on how to log in to the service

And what are they doing now
in Innopolis?
20 April
'Merge' IT Conference
16 March, 13:00-18:00
Innopolis Meetup: management in IT
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