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How to get to Innopolis
Just grab some friends or come on your own - it’s gonna be great!
To Innopolis by bus

You can easily take a bus from Kazan to Innopolis. There are two shuttle-buses operating on the route from “Kombinat Zdorovya” station and from bus station “Vostochny”.

If you pay via card, the fare is 230 rub. Cash payment is 250 rub. Discounted tickets for children under 7 years old are 90 rub (please show the original birth certificate of the child). For INNO ID card holders the fare is 180 rubles or 140 rubles when buying a monthly subscription. More info about the card.

Driving to Innopolis

It takes 40-50 minutes to reach Innopolis from Kazan. The route is mapped through the M-7 “Volga” highway. You travel through a beautiful scenery of two rivers flowing into one another, fluffy forests and the bridge. There will be a series of signposts to help you find the way to the city.

To Innopolis by carsharing

Carsharing enables you to press the button at the app, find a car, open the door and set off the road.  There’s a carsharing service called ‘Delimobil' in Innopolis.

There's just a few easy steps to log in to the service within the app: send documents and wait until the access is granted

From Kazan by taxi

Average price for a ride is 600 rub

Travel time is 40-50 mins

Taxi from the airport

Average price for a ride is 1200 rub

Travel time is 1 hour 10 mins

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