Acquaintance with Innopolis

My acquaintance with Innopolis is a standard story. Then I worked at Kazan State University, but I wanted to change my activity a bit and was looking for work. I found out about Innopolis on HeadHunter, saw a vacancy for a concierge service. In the description, everything was very nice: “care for residents”, “story about the city” - and besides, at the university I had such subjects as city branding, city PR, city project management. It seemed to me that this vacancy is right for me, especially since such a story as Innopolis will not happen for a very long time and it would be great to become part of this team. I submitted my resume and was invited for an interview.

If the city approaches the choice of future employees in such a way, then this is just a wonderful place

Of course, I did not immediately understand what Innopolis was. Before sending my resume, I began to search for information about the city, but there was very little of it on the Internet. However, the job description was so attractive that I decided to have an interview - and then I just fell in love with both my future job and the city. At the interview, they explained everything about Innopolis to me, showed me a presentation - and it seemed to me that if the city approaches the choice of future employees in this way, then this is just a wonderful place.

What is a concierge service?

A concierge service is a service that helps residents with any questions. In our work, we distinguish two areas: external and internal. External is help to those who do not live in Innopolis. Here we are usually contacted by mail, phone, Telegram, VKontakte, Facebook. We answer all questions and also send them to HeadHunter. About 10% of external questions are related to the desire to move to Innopolis, and the most frequent question here is: “How do you find a job?” - because if you find a job in the Special Economic Zone, they will give you an apartment for rent.

The main part of our work is internal, that is, helping the residents of Innopolis. She is mostly on telegram. For example, if a resident does not have a working socket, he does not need to look for an electrician himself - he calls the concierge service, and we bring a specialist to the door. But even if we cannot solve this problem ourselves, we always try to either find a paid service or tell how other residents solve similar problems. Thus, the concierge service is a total concern for residents.

How concierge service is changing the city for the better

A concierge service is, in a sense, an analytical service. One of our responsibilities is to read and administer all city chats. We must understand what is happening in the city and, if possible, solve problems at the stage of their inception. For example, residents often wrote that they lacked a barbecue area. The city hall thought: “Why not, if it is needed now?” - and made a barbecue area. In the same way, we got a dog walking area, a workout area, bike parking, a container for sorting waste.

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