I have been an IT recruiter for a long time. Before Innopolis, she lived in St. Petersburg and remotely helped with the hiring of employees of one of the city's companies.

In order to “sell” Innopolis to an employee, you need to know a lot about him. I studied the site and talked a lot with the residents, and one day I realized that this is my city, that's where I want to live myself. Searching for vacancies led me to the city hall, where for a year I worked as the Head of the resource center and helped companies of residents and partners of the Special Economic Zone find good IT specialists.

I have always wanted to live in a modern city, but at the same time close to nature. Innopolis combines everything you need. This is a beautiful city that is ideal for people seeking self-development and harmony.

While still working remotely, I often told potential employees that Innopolis is a customer-oriented city. But it was only when I myself became a resident that I was truly convinced of this.

The solution of any city issue takes much less time here thanks to the technological city management and the responsiveness of the administration.

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