My name is Anton and I work as a personal trainer in the Innopolis sports complex. I train people personally and in groups, organize teams, take them to competitions and help to organize various sports competitions and activities myself.

My career as an athlete started in 2013 or 2014 - these are my first professional competitions. Around the same time, my coaching career began.

Why Innopolis is a sports city

In my opinion, in Innopolis, there are much more people who train as a percentage of the city's population than in any other city. Perhaps this is due to the fact that there are not many other activities here. There is a sports complex, a hookah bar, a bar, studies that students seem to have enough of, a pizzeria, a restaurant... People want to go somewhere in the evening - but where? It's good that there is a sports complex - it's accessible and interesting.

I personally know people who didn’t go outside for four or five days at all: they just moved along the passage to the canteen and study - and back. Of course, there are also stereotypical IT people here - but there are few of them - but there are guys (and I know them) who go to competitions, participate in the "Race of Heroes", become candidates for master of sports, set records and just constantly work out for themselves, train, live "high". For them, sport is a part of life, it is an integral part of it three or four times a week.

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