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Technoparks ‘Innopolis’

It's more than 300 technology companies located in two futuristic technopark buildings, the most photographed sites in the city.

There are three themed zones at the Popov Technopark - Grass, Stone and Tree. Walking around the zones, you get a prediction from the QR wall and peek into the AR portal.

The Lobachevsky Technopark is home to the largest company founded by Innopolis University graduates. As for the ground floor, you'll find a food court. Free entrance


The Popov Technopark, Universitetskaya Str. 7

The Lobachevsky Techopark, Universitetskaya Str. 5

Innopolis University

Welcome to the intellectual core of Innopolis. 17 laboratories and 9 research centres operate here. The university building is the most distinctive architectural creation of the city. It expresses the concept of the city, which is the unity of nature, human and technology.

If you're an applicant, come to the open day; if not, it's time to sign up for a tour around the uni


Universitetskaya Str. 1

Self-driving cars

You can take a ride in an unmanned taxi in Innopolis. All you have to do is to download the Yandex.Go app and select driverless mode. You are allowed to take the taxi with children from the age of 7 and accompanied by an adult.

Btw, our delivery robots can bring food. Order your food via Yandex.Eda app, and it will get delivered by a delivery robot, not a courier

Urban space ArtSpace

The centre of cultural life of the city. Come and enjoy movies, dancing, moreover you also can record your music album in a professional sound studio 


Parkovaya Str. 1

Residential area ‘Zion’

It’s the cosiest area of Innopolis, featuring Scandinavian architecture. Take a walk with your friends, take pictures of wind art and realise that it is time to start living here


Parkovaya Str. 1


There’re Italian, Asian, vegetarian and home-style cousines you can get a taste of in Innopolis. Have a scrumptious breakfast at Messa/Eres’, get a taste of tom yam in Kuji, and bring your friends together at the Bar 108. 

But if you’re looking for some tech vibes, travel to the food court located in Lobachevsky Technopark or the Innomax Cafe. There you’ll find a robot-waiter serving all the guests 


Mesa/Eres’, Centralnaya Str. 167
Food court, Universitetskaya Str. 5
Pizza place Cacio e vino, Sportivnaya Str. 100
Ramen place Ultramen, Sportivnaya Str. 110
Innomax Cafe, Sportivnaya Str. 107

Bar 108

It is the IT specialists gathering place. Come and listen to numerous stories of the development of new services, grab a craft beer and bite a burger


Sportivnaya Str. 108

BBQ area

There’s a lovely barbecue area in the city park. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the barbie, just don’t forget to book the area in advance

Book the BBQ area

The BBQ area location

Secret location

Drive for 5 minutes and you’ll uncover the hills offering a stunning view of Sviyaga and Sviyazhsk. In summer you can ride a bike to get there and have a picnic, or take a stroll.

Also there’s a hidden road underwater. It sank after the Kuybyshev dam was filled up in 1956. Around mid-October, the water recedes and you can see traces of the arcane road



City events

Often do we organise different cultural and entertaining events. Visit a meet-up, take part in interactive play or simply please your ears at the musical gig

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